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tick.png CACHE Dental Nursing Apprenticeship 16+ – Everything You Need To Know


Course Details


If you're thinking about working in the dental care sector but don't know where to start, this course is designed to give you an entry point into the industry. Free for all 16-18 year old's with funding available for those over the age of 19, this 12 month apprenticeship in dental nursing allows you to start work in a dental practice today, while you work towards gaining a recognised qualification.


At the end of the apprenticeship successful students will receive a Level 3 Diploma in Dental Nursing. This is a nationally recognised qualification and is needed for registration by the General Dental Council (GDC).


 Just imagine, within 12 months from now, you could be a successful practising dental nurse, earning a good wage and doing a job you love!


So why choose us?


At the Dental Nursing Academy, we're committed to providing the highest quality of teaching so that students can be best prepared for a successful career in the dental care industry. Tapping into our wealth of industry experience, our courses are designed to offer the very best, world-class training for anyone looking to become a healthcare professional. With annual pass rates of over 90%, we ensure all our apprentices are placed in reputable healthcare organisations. This ensures students get the right support they need to learn a multitude of essential practical and theory-based skills.


Course Overview


Our level 3 Diploma in the Principles and Practices of Dental Nursing is a 12 month course made up of a mix of practical (work based) and theoretical (classroom based) components. These are designed to demonstrate your understanding of the knowledge and skills needed to be a registered dental nurse. Consisting of a total of 17 training modules (units) it covers subjects such as:


tick.png  Being able to provide the correct chair-side support during extractions and minor dental surgery

tick.png  Demonstrating the correct maintenance of surgical equipment

tick.png  Providing proper sterilisation of instruments

tick.png  Keeping patient records up to date

tick.png  Demonstrating a good understanding of the roles and responsibilities of a dental nurse

tick.png  Providing the right level of information and support to patients with regards to maintaining high standards of oral health.


In addition students will also learn essential first aid skills on subjects such as basic life support and CPR, and have regular workplace assessments throughout the year. At the end of the year students must undertake 1 multiple choice theory examination.


If successful, students will receive:

tick.png  A level 3 Diploma in Dental Nursing

tick.png  Functional core skills qualifications in Maths and English and/or IT up to level 2 (depending upon your existing grades and  qualifications)

tick.png  Personal learning and development skills (PLDS)

tick.png  Full employee rights and responsibilities


Earning Potential


During the 12 month study period students will be paid the current apprenticeship wage for their age, enabling them to learn while they earn. Once qualified, students can expect a starting salary of around  £16,000 per annum. With several years experience a dental nurse can expect to be earning somewhere between £18,000 and £22,000 per annum. For team leaders and dental nurse specialists, the earning potential can be up to £27,600.


Your Future


Once you have your CACHE Level 3 Diploma in the Principles and Practices of Dental Nursing it can be used as a stepping stone to accelerate or fast-track your career. The course provides the foundation for students to register for higher apprenticeship or degree level courses. These can then be used to specialise In roles such as a


tick.png  Clinical Dental Technician (CDT)

tick.png  Dental Therapist

tick.png  Dental Hygienist

tick.png  Orthodontic Therapist

tick.png  Laboratory Technician

tick.png  Practice Manager

tick.png  Assessor and Teacher/Trainer


The Key Takeaway


Currently amongst the best CACHE apprenticeship providers in the dental nursing profession, let the Dental Nursing Academy help you to embark on a promising and exciting career. With this CACHE Level 3 Apprenticeship Course in Dental Nursing, we'll give you the chance to earn while you learn. Not only will we equip you with the skills needed to become a registered dental nurse but in addition, the course is geared to providing essential life skills that you'll need as you learn and grow professionally through your career. It's free for all 16-18 year old' s and funding is available for those aged 19 and above. No qualifications are necessary. 


If you feel that a rewarding profession as a dental nurse is for you, then come and talk to the Dental Nursing Academy about our Level 3 apprenticeship course. There are limited spaces as places are filling up fast; so for further formation contact us on 020 3875 0569 or email us at Don't forget, you can start earning while you're learning, so start the ball rolling today and get in touch. We guarantee that you'll be glad that you did!



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First Aid Course

Dental Nurses must complete training on basic life support and CPR as part of their training
A Basic Frist Aid course is offered FREE for all Dental Nursing Academy students





FREE English Classes

Dental Nursing Academy also supports students who require help in English reading and writing with complimentary classes every week.

This will aid in progression in Diploma in Dental Nursing.