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tick.png How's Your Professional Development Shaping Up?


According to the General Dental Council (GDC) all registered dental care professionals including dental nurses are required to carry out continuing professional development known as CPD. It's designed to help dental care professionals deliver the high standards of quality care and services that patients deserve and comes in verifiable and non-verifiable formats. Registered dental nurses are required by law to demonstrate that they've taken 150 hours of verifiable and non-verifiable CPD over a 5 year period.


Verifiable CPD  has specific aims and objectives as laid down by the GDC with clear anticipated outcomes. All dental care professionals need to carry out at least 50 hours of verifiable CPD and will need to keep documentary evidence. This includes attending:


tick.png Conferences

tick.png Lectures

tick.png Organised training days

tick.png E-learning activity

tick.png Peer reviews

tick.png Clinical audits


Conversely the remaining 100 hours can be made up of non-verifiable CPD. This equates to all self-directed activities or learning that will benefit your career or advance your development. These include:


tick.png Reading books

tick.png Reading medical journals

tick.png Attending lectures

tick.png Self study


Core Topics


In addition the GDC has identified important core topics that all dental care professionals should be well versed in. These include:


tick.png Dealing with dental emergencies

tick.png Disinfection and decontamination

tick.png Radiography and radiation protection


In addition, it's recommended that verifiable or non-verifiable CPD should be kept up to date in the following areas. These include:


tick.png Handling complaints

tick.png Early detection of oral cancer

tick.png Safeguarding vulnerable adults

tick.png Safeguarding children

tick.png Legal/ethical issues


The good news is that CPD doesn't have to be restricted to just these topics. While these cover the mandatory requirements as laid down by the General Dental Council, continuing professional development can be carried out on any subjects relevant to the work that you do.


So now you know a little more about CPD let's take a closer look at how the Dental Nursing Academy can help you with your ongoing developmental requirements.


Whether you've just qualified as a dental nurse or you've been in the industry for some time we offer a variety of CPD packages aimed at helping you to maintain your professional development. Our CPD courses are designed to provide verifiable GDC hours and individual certificates are provided at the end of every course. With training provided by highly experienced industry professionals, you can rest assured that you're in good hands.


Our CPD courses include:


Dental Radiography

This is one of the core topics as identified by the GDC and is a verifiable CPD course. The half-day course covers updates on IR (ME)R legislations as well as essential curriculum training. At the end of the course, trainees will have a good understanding of radiation and more importantly, how to protect patients and staff from exposure. This course is run throughout the year and is an essential part of CPD learning.


Decontamination And Disinfection

During this half day session students will learn about the need to maintain the highest standards of  decontamination and cross infection control and takes into account the current updates in legislation. This is an essential core topic and can be logged as verifiable CPD.


Medical Emergencies

Dental care professionals are required to spend at least 10 verifiable hours on this topic over a 5 year period and it is therefore one of the core topics. In this half-day course students will learn  how to recognise the signs and symptoms of a variety of medical problems including anaphylaxis, strokes, and fainting and what to do when confronted with them. Students will also learn about oxygen therapy, the use of the emergency kit, and best airway management practices.


Oral Health And How To Spot Cancer

Although not one of the core topics, it's a recommended topic which is laid down by the GDC and for that reason it's classed as a verifiable CPD course. During this half day session students will learn about the risk factors associated with oral cancer and epidemiology. Students will also be shown how to spot the signs of pre-malignant or malignant oral cancer. The course will also touch on smoking cessation and how to give patients advice.


Other Courses

In addition we offer a variety of other verifiable and non-verifiable courses including


tick.png Impression Taking

tick.png Fluoride Varnish Application

tick.png Improving Customer Service

tick.png Ethics, Law and Complaint Handling


Whether you're behind on your CPD and need to catch up, or whether you're looking to keep on top, you can count on the Dental Nursing Academy to provide you with all your learning needs.


To find out more about our CPD courses contact us on 020 3875 0569, email us at, or fill out the enrolment form on our website. Learning just got a whole lot easier with the Dental Nursing Academy!