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FREE First Aid Course for All Students

Course designed by dentists, dental hygienists, orthodontic therapists and dental nurses, with over 25 years experience.

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First Aid

  • Basic life support and medically emergencies for Dental Nurses

  • It is an essential criteria that all Dental Nurses complete training on basic life support and CPR as part of their courses

  • This is an in-house course whereby a trained professional comes and spends time demonstrating basic life support and support and resuscitation for both adults and children

  • This is hands on CPR training whereby Dental Nurse are faced with medical emergencies and how to manage them. This will give you an insight on all the emergencies faced within a dental surgery. Our sessions will have mannequins and everyone will be given thorough practical hands on training

  • Emergencies like asthma attacks, heart attacks and fainting etc will all be covered and management of these emergencies, as well as administration of their drugs

  • This training will not just help you prepare for your exams but also give you vital skills that one day may change, or even save someone’s life

  • A certificate will be issued on completion which is valid for 12 months

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Basic First Aid Course offered FREE to all Dental Nursing Academy student