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Course Syllabus

We have a detailed course syllabus that prepares our candidates for the challenges they are to meet during their practice as professionals in the dental care industry.

tick.png Health and safety

tick.png Handling Dental Surgery Emergencies

tick.png Ethical and Legal Problems in the Dental Care Provision

tick.png Systems and Anatomical Structures Related to Dental Treatment

tick.png Pathology and Oral Disease

tick.png Patient Management and Care

tick.png Assessing and Planning Patients’ Needs for Oral Health

tick.png Oral Health Preventive and Promotion Dentistry

tick.png Restorative Dentistry

tick.png Oral Surgery

tick.png Orthodontic Procedures

tick.png Prosthodontics

tick.png Endodontics

tick.png Dental Drugs, Instruments, Materials, and Equipment

tick.png Anxiety and Pain Control in Dentistry

tick.png Radiography

tick.png Dental Implants

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