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tick.png Qualified Dental Nurse – Miheala's Story


“Having come from another centre who don't do half the things this college does my English has got better and it has helped me pass my exams. Now I am a Qualified Dental Nurse. Very nice tutors who push us to pass”


Miheala had always wanted to do something rewarding with her life, something with good prospects, and a career that was always in demand. She loved people and from a relatively early age had wanted to be a dental nurse. When she heard about dental nursing courses being offered in her area, she jumped at the chance to enrol. The idea being that she would be able to fulfil her dream and with just 12-18 months of training, Miheala would become a GDC registered dental care professional.


The issue was that Miheala had a disadvantage that many other students don't have in that she was an international student and English wasn't her first language. As a result she felt that the institution she was enrolled at didn't fully support her. What's more, they failed to find her suitable employment. At this stage many people might have given up, especially after investing a great deal of time and effort into something, only to discover that they couldn't find employment at the end of it – but not Miheala....


Undeterred, she picked herself up, dusted herself down, and enrolled here at the Dental Nursing Academy. Despite her struggles and setbacks she refused to accept that she couldn't have a fulfilling career as a dental care professional and was willing to give it another shot.


So what did we do differently?


The first thing we did was to talk to Miheala. It was obvious that English wasn't her first language and as we spoke she told us that she lacked the confidence to both speak and understand it. However this didn't deter us because we know from experience that people can learn in different ways.


After spending time with her and discussing her needs, we discovered that she was a visual learner. This meant that she learnt more through visual cues rather than through written text. As a result we were able to offer her more videos, practical exercises, and activities, and less text-based learning. In addition any detailed or complex lectures were to be broken down into smaller units so that she could have a better understanding of what was being said. Because of this, Miheala's language problems were no longer a barrier to learning and as a result, she found that she was able to learn more, faster.  


The Key Takeaway


If we had adopted a 'one method fits all' style of teaching, Miheala would have experienced the exact same frustrations that held her back previously. Instead, over the course of the training Miheala proved herself to be a hard-working and focused student. In fact as the course went on, we could see her growing in confidence as she completed all the tasks demanded of her in a timely manner.  


So where is she now.....


Her fiery determination and will to succeed has led her to follow her dream and become a fully qualified, GDC registered dental nurse. What's more as time has gone on she has developed more confidence and her never say die spirit has rewarded her with the responsibilities of Lead Infection Control Nurse at her current practice. By making the right choice at the right time she has successfully established her career in dental nursing and now has a well-paid job that she really loves.


While you might not have the same story as Miheala, or indeed face the same hardships, if you wish to pursue your career as a Dental Care Professional (DCP) then she is proof that you really can. At the Dental Nursing Academy our passion for teaching is second to none. All our teaching staff are GDC registered industry professionals with over 25 years of experience. As a result, we won't just provide you with the adequate skills and support needed to embark on a new career, we'll also equip you with the expertise required for educational and personal growth too. With tips on interview techniques, communication, and how to lay out the perfect CV, you can feel safe in the knowledge that when you leave us, you'll have everything you need to succeed. 


If you're inspired by this story and would like more information on our Cache Dental Nursing Apprenticeship, Cache Diploma in Dental Nursing, or equivalent NEBDN courses, then contact us today. Email us on or call us on 020 3875 0569. Remember even the longest of journeys begins with the first step, so just like Miheala, take yours today and get in touch.