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Trouble sleeping? The Size of Your Tongue and Tonsils Could Be Why

teeth misprint.jpegCommon belief is that the signs of obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) are best identified at night while you sleep. Not true, your time seated on the dentist’s chair could be the best chance of spotting the signs of OSA.

Key takeaways:

- Your dentist can spot features such as teeth imprints on the tongue and oversized tonsils that are associated with OSA.

- These signs are ten times more likely to be seen in obese patients compared to the non-obese patients.

- Severe OSA is linked to major health conditions that include depression, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and memory loss.

The factors most common among people who were identified as high risk for OSA on the Berlin Questionnaire—along with obesity—were large tonsils, tongue indentations, and a high Epworth Sleepiness Scale score, another questionnaire used to measure daytime sleepiness.

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