Making a Good Impression

Impression taking course

impression taking course

If you have been working as a dental nurse but want to mix up your day-to-day tasks why not enrol in our Impression Taking Course? Adding a new responsibility can make a huge difference to your job satisfaction and outlook in general.

Learning new skills such as impression taking can be a huge benefit to not only yourself but the dental practice as a whole. Being able to take on further responsibilities can free up valuable time for the dentist. They can then in turn spend more time on complex surgeries and tasks.

Dental impressions are used to take moulds of the mouth when introducing new crowns, bridges or other repairs. They allow the new dental pieces to be designed to fit perfectly within the mouth so the repair feels natural. Alginate gels are used to create the impression which is hardened and a thorough impression of the mouth is made.


Like many of our courses, this will be split into a mixture of theory and practical lessons with a practical portfolio to be completed in your working environment.  Many of our students not only find this an informative course but also a fun and enjoyable new skill to have.

You will learn further about the anatomy of the mouth and all the necessary landing marks when making an impression. We will ensure you are fully educated on the health and safety aspects of the practise including infection and cross contamination. The practical side will cover the preparation of the gels and trays to ensure correct and stable moulds are created and also safe storage and sterilizing of all materials when complete.

The full course will take approximately 4-6 months; most of this time will be collecting the moulds for your portfolio. These will be required in a range from child and adult patients and all of which must be supervised by your supporting dentist or mentor.

Following from this course, you may enjoy considering a career as a dental technician. This move will then use the impressions you take to create the dentures, bridges and bridges required by the patient.

For full details of this course, please visit the Impression Taking Course page or contact us with any questions you may have on 020 3875 0569 or email us at Alternatively simply fill out the form under ‘enrol’ on the website, it really couldn’t be easier!