Student Agreement/Terms and Conditions

 L3 Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement

Dental Nursing Academy


As part of your enrolment you are required to read through carefully the following terms and conditions of your course and once happy please sign and return the final page with signatures to

Please ensure you read the following Dental Nursing Academy terms and conditions for the L3  Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement Course.


  • You must be a registered dental nurse with your GDC number
  • Aged 19 or above
  • Have your own laptop or access to one and internet access
  • Work in a dental environment
  • Good level of English is required
  • Commit fully to the course and complete in 4 months.


  • £625
  • Monthly payment plans are available 1 x £200 then 2 months £212.50
  • We will send you bank details for payments in enrolment email confirmation
  • Failure to make payment on time will incur a £25 late payment fee
  • Failure to make payment at all will result in withdrawal from the course
  • Course fee includes all parts of the course
  • No refunds are offered should you withdraw from the course

IT requirements

You will need a PC or laptop with a built in external webcam and microphone and full broadband connection to complete this. Windows or Mac is fine. You will also need this for your e-portfolio access.

You must keep all your log in details up to date and secure


You will need to have your own personal email. It will be your responsibility to check your emails and spam for any notifications from us.

We will be sending regular communications via email to you. If you change your email address you must let us know immediately at This is also the same if you change your address please notify us immediately.

We reserve the right to dismiss a student without refund if the student contravenes the academy rules of conduct. Any harassment, violent or aggressive language / behaviour will lead to termination of student immediately and reported to the police

Course Completions and Extensions

Once you have enrolled online with us we will send confirmation email of the induction lesson and the start and end dates of the course. You must then complete all parts to your course within the deadlines given.

You have 3 modules to complete so you must use your time well. If you do not complete your course in time then you will need to pay an extension.

Where the student cannot complete the course for grounds agreed with the Managing Director (for medical or agreed personal circumstances) then an alternative date will be agreed with the student. You should notify us immediately of any such circumstances and evidence of this will be required.

Postponing your course

If for any reason you need to postpone your course you must give us at least 2 weeks notice before the start of the course. We will then move you to another course. If for any reason you cannot do the next allocated course unfortunately you will not be able to continue. No refund is offered.

Extension Fee

Should you not complete in the allocated time 4 months. You will need to pay an extension fee to continue as this will cover tutor time and marking, observations if these have not been completed.

The fee will be collected on the 1st of every month and will be £150 per month until completion of your course. This is non negotiable.

If this payment is missed then we have the right to withdraw the learner from the course.

Dental Nursing Academy will:

  • Assess fairly and provide feedback to each learner within given time.
  • Arrive punctual for sessions and end each session on time within reason for your induction session.
  • Not to change or cancel a lesson unless notified to you 7 days in advance, for unexpected occurrences such as sudden staff illness or delay as a result of any circumstance beyond the control of Dental Nursing Academy.
  • Appropriate and sufficient contact time with the tutor will be available to the student whilst working towards their qualification.
  • Dental Nursing Academy will apply for learner’s certification as soon as all work/assessments/written papers have been passed– this will then be mailed by Recorded Delivery to the learners address directly.
  • Confidentiality and data protection policies and procedures will be observed at all times.
  • Dental Nursing academy will support learners with students to observe where needed.
  • Notify all students for any additional fees/ costs added to their course.

Please ensure you read the declaration below and sign please return to


I can confirm I have read and understood all above terms and conditions and  the criteria and guidance to complete the practical work and attend all sessions for my Assessors Award Course and will take full responsibility for my e-portfolio and completing my online course.

I understand if I do not follow the above terms and conditions then this could result in being removed from my course.



GDC number………………….